Waste Collection
Waste Management of Conroe  (800-800-5804)

Collection days are Tuesdays and Fridays, with heavy trash on Friday.  Recycling is picked up every Thursday.

Containers must be 32 gallon or smaller, no 55 gal drums will be emptied.

• Containers must weigh no more than 40 lbs.

• Unsafe containers (sharp edges, holes etc.) will not be emptied

• Tree limbs must be under 4’ long, cut, tied and under the 40 lb weight limit.

• Construction debris: rocks, bricks, concrete, dirt, roofing materials, lumber, carpets, etc, cannot be picked up.

• Other items that are not acceptable for this service include: tires, batteries, paint, hazardous chemicals, large tree trunks and refrigerators.

• Please check with Harris county/City of Houston Hazardous Materials for disposal of items such as the above including computers, monitors, tv’s and other electronic as well as chemicals, paints, pesticides and the like.



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