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Harris County Flood Bond Referendum

On August 25th, we have a very important opportunity to help RECOVER, REBUILD and RESTORE our community from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. The $2.5 billion Harris County Flood Bond Referendum includes more than $150 million in projects impacting the Lake Houston Area

Our Homeowners Association supports the Harris County Flood Bond Referendum and we implore you to VOTE YES. Early voting begins on August 8 with the general election held on August 25.

The Harris County Flood Control District along with Harris County Commissioners Jack Morman and Jack Cagle and County Judge Emmett have answered our community’s requests to include project funding for Dredging, Detention and Gates in the bond referendum. Projects in the bond referendum directly affecting the Lake Houston Area include:
•     Dredging throughout the East & West Fork of the San Jacinto River & Lake Houston
•     Detention upstream along Cypress Creek, Little Cypress Creek & Spring Creek to divert water flowing downstream and trap sand and sediment
•     10 Tainter Gates on the Lake Houston dam to discharge water faster

What will voting YES cost ME?
Less than half a penny per day starting in 2020 or $5 annually. By 2035, three
cents a day or $50 annually. Source: Harris County Budget Management calculated on a $200,000 home value

Information about the bond, including early voting dates, times and locations, full project lists, financial impact and more can be found at RecoverLakeHouston.com.

Simple ways you can support the Vote YES Lake Houston Campaign: SEND, SHARE, SPREAD, SHOW UP
•     SEND this email to friends and family members who are Harris County residents
•     SHARE the campaign with your employees, co-workers, friends, neighbors, and customers
•     SPREAD the campaign on social media using #VoteYesLakeHouston and #RecoverLakeHouston
•     SHOW UP to the polls and VOTE YES

Please join me in voting YES on August 25.

Please note, the Harris County Flood Bond Referendum is one of many measures we must pursue in our fight to RECOVER, REBUILD and RESTORE the Lake Houston Area. This bond addresses initiatives within Harris County’s capabilities. We continue to pursue other measures at varying levels of government.

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