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Sod Webworms Are Back!

Sod Webworms are back in town.... Have you noticed small whitish/gray moths (about 1” wide) flying around as you walk across your yard or work in your garden? Have you noticed growing round areas of dead thatch/grass? If so, you may have sod webworms.

Last year, Sod Webworms wreaked havoc on many lawns in Mills Branch Village so keep your eyes open and check out the links below for information on how to control the destruction of your beautiful lawn.

Local KTRH GardenLine’s Randy Lemmon said the Sod Web Worms flourished last year because August was so wet and then turned very hot and humid. This August is a repeat.

Sod worms will devour your grass, decimating your yard, unless you treat repeatedly. "It's just a matter of staying vigilant and doing it about 3 times over a 2-week period, a liquid insecticide so you break the egg cycle," said Lemmon.

Here are ideas on how you can identify and treat for an active infestation.

Already damaged? Take a look at more on what you can do to recover from the damage.

For how to treat your lawn for Sod Webworms, Randy Lemmon recommends following this tip sheet.

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