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Replacement of vandalized cluster mailboxes


Dear Residents,                
The Mills Branch Village Community Association (MBVCA) Homeowner’s Association (HOA) board is in the process of replacing the vandalized cluster mailboxes throughout the Mills Branch Village Community. Countless hours were spent by our MBVCA HOA Board President, David Miniter, going back and forth with the United States Postal Service (USPS) in getting answers to why they no longer foot the bill to replace these cluster mailboxes. After getting resistance from the USPS who was not willing to cover the cost of those cluster mailboxes that clearly have their emblem on them, he contacted both City Councilman Dave Martin and US Congressman Dan Crenshaw’s offices and was told that they could not assist in this effort. This effort was made to save our community from footing the bill for replacement of them and to use those MBVCA HOA funds for other community projects.

Amy Davis with KPRC reported on other communities facing the same issues with the USPS telling the residents that their community HOAs are responsible for replacement of the cluster mailboxes. Follow this link to read her investigative report and view a short video

Having exhausted all other avenues to have the USPS cover the costs, the board voted to spend MBVCA HOA funds to order the cluster mailboxes for replacement so that our impacted residents can have their regular mail delivery service restored. We wanted to get this information out in order to give you a better idea why it has taken so long. The cluster mailboxes were originally put in by the USPS and up until here recently were maintained by the USPS. We are in the process of ordering the replacement cluster mailboxes and will start replacement of them once they arrive. We have not heard back again from the USPS with a timeframe for their replacement that will be paid for by OUR MBVCA HOA Funds.

Thank you,
MBVCA HOA Board Directors

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