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Woodridge Village Interlocal Agreement Unanimously Passed by Council



December 9, 2020

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Woodridge Village Interlocal Agreement Unanimously Passed by Council

Houston, TX - Mayor Pro Tem DaveMartin is elated to announce at this morning's City Council meeting, Council
unanimously passed an ordinance approving an Interlocal Agreement between the
City of Houston and Harris County Flood Control District for joint purchase of the Woodridge Village development andappropriating $4,021,500 towards a regional wastewater facility. These funds will be used to improve City of Houston
wastewater services by creating a new regional wastewater treatment facility in
the Kingwood Region while utilizing the remaining area in collaboration with
the Harris County Flood Control District as a storm water detention facility.

After Elm Grove
flooded, the first time, in May 2019 Mayor Pro Tem Martin quickly deployed
resources across over 20 villages in the greater Kingwood area to assess the
City's stormwater infrastructure. Over the next six months, the Houston PublicWorks team investigated over 200,000 feet of stormwater infrastructure
through televised lines
. This area flooded again in September of 2019,
during Tropical Storm Imelda, which kicked the City of Houston's ongoinginvestigations on the area to the north of Elm Grove into high gear.

After each rain event, since
2019, Mayor Pro Tem Martin has taken
a very hands on approach in the community to make sure City issues are
addressed, in real time, by driving and walking to watch water flow
through our City's stormwater system. The City of Houston has done its job
in changing codes of ordinances making development requirements within City of
Houston City limits stricter and adopted ATLAS 14 requirements.

District E has highly scrutinized
at least three additional developments based on this situation near
jurisdictional boundaries. We have learned and are making sure that
developments within the City's boundaries are put on notice. District E is
committed to making sure everything that can be done to prevent and reduce
future flooding is being done. The key issue with this development
illustrates a need for multijurisdictional policy in place for properties in
the ETJ or at the borders of jurisdictions. What happens on one side of a city
limit or county line has an impact on properties that lie just feet beyond that
invisible boundary.

Today's accomplishment at City
Council is due to a myriad of individuals and entities which have provided
input, resources, and research over the last year and a half. A huge thank you
to Beth Guide, who has been a fervent advocate for her community. Many
thanks to County Judge Hidalgo, Commissioner Cagle, Commissioner Garcia,
Commissioner Ellis, and Commissioner Radack for their support of this endeavor.
And thank you to Executive Director Russ Poppe, Deputy Executive Director
Matt Zeve, Communication Services Manager Beth Walters and the number of
engineers at HCFCD that were integral in researching this situation alongside
our Houston Public Works Department.

Finally, Mayor Pro Tem Martin wants to thank Houston Public Works
Director Carol Haddock, Chief Recovery Office Stephen Costello, and a special
thank you to Mayor Turner for his dedication to helping the people of Elm Grove
and Kingwood. This Interlocal Agreement will be considered at the next County
Commissioner's Court meeting taking place on Tuesday, December 15, where we hope the item will be justas successful as today's City Council agenda item.

For more information, please
contact Mayor Pro Tem Martin's office at (832) 393-3008 or via emailat [email protected].

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