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Crime Alert: Mills Branch


Branch Citizens: 4-8-20

Over the course of the last two weeks we have had a rash of
Burglaries in Mills Branch. The majority of these incidents have been in the
Echo Falls area, between the hours of midnight and 6 am. The suspects have
gained entry through the main garage door or adjacent side door. The suspects
have been identified as young teenage males. We strongly recommend that our
citizens make sure that these doors are locked at all times and especially
before going to bed at night. Please remember that there is a 11 pm curfew for
all juveniles, that is anyone 16 years of age or younger. We also would like
our citizens help in calling HPD at 713-884-3131, to report any suspicious
individuals or activity. Also a reminder to always keep your car doors locked,
parked in the driveway whenever possible and a porch light or security light on
at night. Criminals hate light............

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